13 Nov 2011

Sometimes it's all wonderful

We have been walking past the Premier Inn in Islington for the past nine months. Only it wasn’t a Premier Inn. It was a bombsite, then it was a carpark with a hand painted sign reading “Park here, £2 an hour, £5 Saturday’s”.
Then it was a building site, around last February. Then the scaffolding arrived and the men in hard hats turned up. It’s on the route we go to school. We walked past that building site twice a day for the rest of this year. Actually, I walked past it four times a day. We got to know the builders. We got to know the building. We watched each storey go up, then we watched the roof go on, then the windows were put in, then electric lights went on inside.

Finally, the sign went up. ”Premier Inn Opening Soon”

We were so excited! We couldn’t wait for it to open. On the first day, we arrived at 8 am. “We’ve got no food here, we have only just opened” said the manageress.

We came back last Friday, for breakfast. It was so exciting, sitting inside looking out at the road we have walked down every single schoolday all year.

And breakfast was delicious!

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