8 May 2012

Get them into uniform

Lucien likes rules. At a recent Parent’s Evening, his teacher told me how much he liked regulations. It’s why he enjoys being a Beaver Scout – yes, he loves all the running around but he also loves the badges, the routine songs and the odd ceremony known in Scouting as Flag Break.

He’s just started cricket. Here are the bats for his group at Hampstead Cricket Club. He’s in the Under 7′s. Loves the outfit, loves the bat, loves the rules and the fact that his older brother does it too. He’s not too sure about the sport, however, but then neither am I. To me, cricket is like an abstract dance conducted by people in white clothes. It’s very elegant but I haven’t a Scooby about what’s going on out there. As my daughter might say. And I won’t make the teas, and I won’t score (well obviously not, since I don’t understand the game). And I know that Lucien would rather go running, or play with his Lego.

Should I force him to love cricket? Mr Millard thinks learning team sports is an essential for successful life – socially + professionally. He’s of the same opinion with golf. But I’ve never been in a team in my life. And I’m pretty OK, all told. QED. Maybe I should banish the elegant white outfits and the dear little bats and get Lucien out on the track with me.

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