14 Jun 2012

Spinning with Damien Hirst

Here is Damien Hirst, creating one of his spin paintings alongside Camila Batmanhelidjh from Kid’s Company today in Covent Garden.
Damien said he got the inspiration for doing the spins, which are worth many tens of thousands of quid, from Blue Peter so it was only right that he gave the ONLY interview of the day to a reporter from that estimable show. Oh, and to some amazed Japanese tourists, who also gave him a baby to hold, rather as if he was the Pope.

Contemporary art = modern day religion, discuss.

Anyway some children from Kids Company, and eight other local schools were allowed to make their own spin paintings, plus five lucky hacks. We were allowed to choose between heart, shark, butterfly, skull or circle. I chose butterfly and the results are to be seen here. This is my spin painting, assisted by one of Damien’s assistants who work with him at his Gloucestershire studio.

Butterfly spin by Millard a la Hirst

When its framed and on my wall, will it look like a £50,000 Hirst? NO WAY.

It’s quite nice tho! So is Hirst, by all consensus. Camila told me he has given around £2 m to Kids Company, which helps homeless and distraught children in need.

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