14 Jan 2013

On the Diana Bench at the Taj Mahal

Here we all are in India. Here is what Lucien, 8, thinks of it.

Top ten Tips, well eight actually:

Stay in the jeep, so you don’t get eaten by a tiger. Or tigers.Or a hyena.

Remember that you can always order pizza, or jam and toast, if you don’t like curry.

It’s a good idea to bring your cricket bat because the Indians like cricket and they will play with you. They will have the stumps.

There are lots of presents and nice things to buy but you have to bargin.

Don’t worry about getting lost because most people speak English, and your guide will look after you.

Your guide will be friendly.

Remember to be patient at the Taj Mahal because your parents will want to take lots of photos.

Don’t be surprised if you see a cow in a station.

Don't be scared of heights becose you will probley ride on an elephant. But Indian elephants are frendley. African elephants are agresiv.

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