9 Apr 2013

Scotland the Brand

This picture really makes me laugh. A friend of mine put it on Twitter but I couldn’t resist putting it on my blog.
It just cements my view after going with the children to see the movie Jack the Giant Slayer.

In this film, the Giants are given to biting people’s heads off, swinging around giant clubs and leaping off cliffs. While, for no obvious reason in the plot, all sounding like Billy Connolly….

Naturally their human foes are weedy, devious (in some cases) and English. Alright, Ewan McGregor is in there, but ever since he was in Star Wars, he’s become a sort of International Product.

Of course the children found this entirely acceptable. At least, they made no comment on it.

While the English really don’t seem to know what they are, and veer between playing posh, smarmy and, er, Cockney, its clear that the Scots really have sorted out their image issues. They are big, tough, virile, caber tossing men. In children’s films, they are giants. Alright?

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