23 May 2013


Honey’s off with the Second South Islington Brownies to District Camp tomorrow evening

and Lucien is off with the Eighth Holborn Cubs, to the same Camp. This very neat pile is what Honey will be taking with her. Lucien’s pile is in a bit of a muddle.

They, and about twenty- or even fifty – other Cub, Scout and Brownie packs from London are going to camp in a (hopefully not too muddy) field. They are in a feverish state of excitment about this. The District Camp will of course be led by adult volunteers – people very much like Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, the mother and Cub leader who tried to give first aid to the mortally wounded soldier on a London street yesterday, who stood her ground until the police turned up and then urged the two suspects to hand over their weapons.

Like the Brownies and the Cubs, all volunteer leaders have to promise to Do their Best; I don’t know if they have to promise to do a Good Deed every day, but Ms Loyau Kennett, with her humanity and courage, seemed to me to be the exemplar of what Scouting is actually all about.


  1. John-Paul Yates30 June 2013 at 17:47

    Nicely put. Cubs still promise to do a good deed every day and looking at Ingrid, they are being led by example.
    “A cub scout always does his best, thinks of others before himself and does a good turn every day.” Cub Scout Law.

  2. Joseph Gallivan30 June 2013 at 17:48

    My daughter has done Brownies and is now in Juniors. 300 of them went camping last week 30 miles from Portland, I went too. Here are some pix. Great kids, great organization.
    BTW, this is Oregon, where “camping in the rain” is redundant. We just call it camping.

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