9 Jul 2013

Violin Saga

Honey playing Monopoly after her Grade Five exam

You'd think that getting your child to take a violin exam was simple. You get the book. You line up the teacher. Then you shout at your child for about three months with the following words. Chromatic Scales! Arpeggios! Pieces! OH my God Sight Reading. La la la. That's the Aural. This is what we were following for Honey's Grade Five exam. All went very well until three days before when the instrument itself went missing. This is not normally in the Parenting Text, however I am related spiritually to Judy Murray so managed to get her a replacement in time. The original turned up, of course, at school, a day after the exam. Which went very well. Now I am off to lie down in a darkened room. Until Grade six...

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