27 Jul 2011

Phoebe practising

This is Phoebe playing the piano in her school uniform. The reason I haven’t updated this picture is because….well, it’s the holidays.
Do I insist on my lovely children practising every single day of the holidays? Are you mad? Of course not. Phoebe’s piano teacher has left her a 4 week plan, so its sort of one week on, one week off. With a few catch up days. Quite honestly I am exhausted with half a year’s worth of practise, exams and so on. Helicopter mothering is no bed of roses. Is it worth it? er, yes. The enjoyment and sense of achievement is huge. And do you know, Phoebe has taken to wandering around the house with a £15 ukelele, just playing it. I’m just so happy that she gets on with playing an instrument, particularly one so lovely as the ukelele.

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