3 Aug 2011

Everyone's a winner

So, everyone passed. Child No 1 passed her Grade 5 Jazz piano, Child no 2 his Grade 5 violin, Child No 3 her Grade 3 violin. Everyone got within 3 marks of everyone else, which is good.
Nobody felt they had been dreadful and nobody felt they had been so brilliant that they could hold it over the others. Will I fulfil my promise of, er, a £50 prize to the top person? That’s tricky as I feel they have all done so well. But probably, yes. The thing about Helicoptering is that you absolutely must play by the rules. If you can be bothered to set them you have to respect them just the same as your kids do. I’m so proud of them, though. It’s not easy, taking these exams, and they do measure attainment. We are all relaxing at the moment…although we are about to go on a cultural holiday to Egypt so expect lots of quizzes and learning on the way….sorry! If you are wondering why the hell there is a picture of a pug on this post, I just got a bit fed up of using the children the whole time. And everyone loves a pug, don’t they?

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