29 Aug 2011

Rhino Mode

This is me, kindly but armour plated, steering my offspring away from hay (aka Sky Kids) and towards the piano (out of vision in this picture but there nonetheless).
Actually it’s a picture of a rhino + offspring at Whipsnade Zoo, but the analogy is there. With a week to go I have realised its time now to start vaguely reminding the children that their school routine is about to restart. And that means their music routine as well. Actually even though there’s a bit of moaning about it they have seemed quite happy to pick up their instruments again. They all took exams at the end of last term, so they’ve deservedly had the entire summer off. But now its time to grit our teeth and get back to the grindstone. Are they looking forward to it? I think they are. I think they’ve had long enough on holiday. Am I looking forward to it? I suppose I am. And since I’ll be paying the cheques in September too, I’m going to get value for my money.

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