11 Sept 2011

Is this the answer?

Well I just don’t know. Yes, this is a dreadful invention which tortures families on a daily basis. Yet it might also really help with the development of your child. It’s not too expensive, and it’s very convenient.
And much much easier than employing a tutor. But it involves total parental commitment. A pamphlet has to be done every day, including Christmas Day. Yep! Hardcore, we Kumon mothers. If you leave it, you get told off by the Kumon instructor. If you insist it is done, your children will hate you. No question. However, it works. I am inflicting Kumon on Child 3 at the moment. Today, I asked Child 3 what 9×8 was. Because I couldn’t remember. She told me in a milisecond. I have no doubt this is because she does times tables, daily, from the hideous yellow pouch. The killer is that you have to literally hover over her while she does it. Otherwise she loses the will to go on.

It’s only supposed to take 11 minutes. It takes us both about 23. Plus a lot of moaning and groaning. But you know, if it helps with her maths and makes it easier, then surely that’s a good thing. And if it therefore enables her to do more interesting things in her maths classes than learning her tables (because she has done it already) then that’s even better. But when is the best time to do it? I used to get the children to do it in the morning, and do Pilates while they did it. Now however the mornings are reserved for music practise. Do you get your children to do it all at once on a weekend? Sort of blitz the Kumon and get it over and done with? That would be my preferred option. But then, as I remind my children probably far too often, I don’t HAVE to do my tables. They might grow up thanking me, but they will probably go through a lengthy period of despising me first. The guilt, the guilt.

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