14 Sept 2011

Are we all doing the right thing?

So now we read today in the papers that parents and children are “locked into a compulsive consumption cycle” with us buying our children gifts out of guilt because we are working too hard.
I don’t know what the best thing is – I have scaled down my office hours so much that I end up having to work either at dawn or midnight, meaning that I am so tired and grumpy I use the television as an electronic babysitter more than I should and shout at the children when they aren’t practising or doing their maths or some other trial that I have put in their way.

I suspect that as ever half this story is true and most parents actually do spend time with their children, while also allowing them access to computers and electronic games etc sometimes. Not all the time.

In the meantime I took this photo on the stairwell at Paul Smith’s HQ. I find it useful!

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