26 Sept 2011

He came too

Yes. Matt Smith. Life size. OK, he’s a bit wooden, or should I say cardboardish, but that is because he is MADE of cardboard.
He was brought to Phoebe’s party on Saturday night and was immediately voted the Man of the Night. Well, he didn’t have much competition. There were only 2 other boys there. Surrounded by about thirty 14 year old girls in false eyelashes and pelmets.

Happily for Mr Millard and moi, the evening passed without anyone having to have their stomach pumped, or any major breakages. “You’ve got off lightly” a friend said. “You wait until next time”. How different it all was when I was 14. The house was invaded by people in Mohicans, we all rolled on the floor to ‘Je t’aime’, the curtains got pulled down and there was a lot of vomiting in the garden.

Have I brought my children up to be too law abiding? Am I hovering over them too much? After all, I and Stephanie (mother of Phoebe’s friend Honor, and sharing the party) didn’t leave the kitchen. What, with a pack of Iceland Indian nibbles to munch through? No way! I put on about 2 kg just from eating 40 felafel….

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