20 Oct 2011

Dogs don't like change

This is Disney. He is very excited because I have just been sent some lovely dog food from those nice people at Bob & Lush, the food ‘made for the dogs we love’. He’s thrilled! He’s already eaten a cod skin treat (yum) but he’s waiting for his dinner.

Instead of being his normal meal of dull old cheapo Sainsbury’s dry dog food, which retails at £1.50 a bag, and which he has eaten most days of his 5 year life, he is going to eat Bob & Lush wet dog food, Lamb with Carrots PLUS their dry ‘kibbles’, Duck with peas, on the side. Yay! No wonder he has those big doggy eyes fixated on his bowl, which my son Lucien is holding out of shot.

We give him the food. He plunges right in. Three minutes later…what’s this? He’s LEFT the kibbles!! How can that be so? Look at his bowl!

Bob & Lush say that “eating the same kibble morning and night…52 weeks a year isn’t fun.” But I think Disney thinks it IS quite fun. At least, he always finishes his cheapo day in, day out food.

I’m going to continue with the Duck kibbles, anyway. I think he’ll come round to it in the end and – nice people at Bob & Lush, take note – he LOVES the wet stuff in sachets. And the treats. Thank you.

Why does this post belong on Helicopter Mum? Because it is a brilliant exposition of my gospel. Which is this. If you do piano practise/Kumon/knitting/yoga at the same point every day, your child and you turn into two legged versions of Disney, in other words you just gobble up the whole exercise without thinking about it.
Uneaten dog food
Oh my goodness! Disney has just come up and panted in my vicinity. Help! Bob and Lush!! Your dog food certainly stays around!

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