22 Oct 2011

I am an imperfect mother

I know, this is the picture. Devoted mother brings cake (alright, chocolate mousse thing) over to adoring child during birthday tea. Look! there’s even a glass of orange juice in the picture, showing how little I am resorting to the bottle.
That’s the image we all like. This indeed is what happened last week. Sad to report however that a week post birthday I am shouting at the birthday girl and refusing to practise the piano with her, because she won’t do as I tell her and she’s shouting back at me. Behaving like her mother, actually. I am facing a mirror of myself and my own behaviour and I don’t like it.

Furthermore, I am now resenting the fact that my practise schedule with her is getting in the way of me doing more interesting things ie reading the Saturday magazines. I need half term and a break from all this! Only I have promised the Kumon teacher we will do Kumon throughout the holiday. And music. Why oh why. I’m now feeling guilty as she is playing the piano on her own without me. For precisely that desired effect. She may be nine, but she is not stupid.

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