4 Nov 2011

Feral Children

I was really sad when I read in the paper yesterday that something like 45% of all adults think that children over the age of 11 are ‘feral’ and no better than animals.
Where are these people living and where do they get their prejudices honed? The piece quoted the head of a children’s charity who quite rightly pointed out that several thousand children, every week, volunteer. They help out. They go to Scouts and Brownies. Are these children ‘feral’? Are they no better than ‘animals’? I don’t think so. My children are not saints but then neither am I.

This picture is of our Halloween pumpkin, bought for a mere quid at the Co-op. Yes it was the last one and yes it was a bit soggy but it looks rather jolly and enlivened our Trick or Treating no end. During which there were dozens of happy ‘feral animals’ walking around our square, laughing and wishing everyone Happy Halloween.

It makes me slightly despair when we point fingers of disapproval at our own offspring for..what? being young?

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