8 Oct 2011

Grayson Perry at the British Museum

I took all four to the British Museum this afternoon. We’re getting quite into these afternoon weekend visits. Go after lunch, it doesn’t seem such an undertaking. Anyway we went to see the brilliant artist Grayson Perry, who I had the delight of interviewing yesterday.
He was giving a lecture about drawing. “He’s an artist, and he’s also a transvestite” I said to the children, seconds before Grayson took to the stage in a cape covered with applique teddy bears, Mary Jane shoes, a wig and full makeup. They thought he was great.

Particularly when he swore a bit, and talked about his teddy bear Alan Measles. After the talk we went to see his show, where there is an embroidered cape showing flying penises. There was also a 10th century Irish stone carving of a woman showing off her genitals. “This is all so rude” said Honey. Gabriel took this photo which is of Grayson’s bear Alan Measles transformed by Grayson into a sort of South Pacific (I think ) holy statue, complete with giant wedding tackle. “I’m going to use this as the photo id for Daddy on my new mobile” he announced. What on earth can he mean?

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