9 Oct 2011

The Royal Parks Half Marathon

First, it rained. Then, it was windy. Finally as we all shuffled forward in a giant line, the sun came out. 12,000 runners; 13.2 miles. As someone said before the race began “It’s not too far, but it’s testing.”

Oh, that person was me. Well it always seems easy in principle and the map looks like a doddle. That’s until you actually start running it, and realise that a) Birdcage Walk goes on for ever and b) there are areas of the Embankment you never realised were so longand c) you have to go past people who are going the OTHER way, 3 miles ahead of you. Which all makes the Royal Parks Half a little more than testing. Here are some photos, rather brilliantly taken by Gabriel on his new Nokia N8 photo with its Sports button. “It’s got a better camera than mine” said Mr Millard grumpily. But then the poor man was landed with the children plus dog while I did the running and got all the glory. In the end it was a lovely day. The leaves blew around and the Albert Memorial glowed in the autumn sunshine and I made the distance in 1.46. Now I’m paying for it by having to oversee maths, violin, Latin and piano from all four children prior to the Monday morning onslaught again. It’s OK though because I will have NO TRAINING! YAY!

with my finishers medal

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