11 Dec 2011

Haberdashery Heaven

So this is what we have been making all weekend. Yes I KNOW it’s already Advent and we are nearly two weeks in, but I just didn’t have time before…etc etc.
So there we were, Honey and I, the other children off at ‘sleep’ overs (where of course there was zero sleep), French exchanges and playdates. She and I and the kitchen table…full of buttons and ribbon and felt, making this advent calendar. What a laborious process! You had to cut out the pockets, the numbers, the shapes, and sew or glue them all on. But it was totally absorbing.

At one point I said to Honey “this is what life as an ONLY CHILD would be like’.

“I know” she sighed. “So so nice”.

But haberdashery, it just puts all your worries somewhere else while you struggle to thread a needle for your daughter and sew on a button. Highly recommended.

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