23 Dec 2011

Why we love Airfix

So here they are, Lucien’s two Airfix models. An MG car and a Eurofighter. Yes, I know the MG is lacking windscreen and lights, but we lost the specific bag with those elements.
Apart from that though, quite a good effort I think. Lucien is 7 and this was just about his level, quite a challenge for us to make together but no impossible and a good project each of which took about 3 hours in total. So a really lovely thing to do on a chilly December day in the school holidays. It was absorbing, but allowed us to chat as we constructed them. And then today, walking over to the Co-op to get some redcurrants for the jelly, we saw a real life MG. Instantly recognisable from our Airfix version. Next thing we know there’ll be a Eurofighter zooming over Islington. Maybe.

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