31 Dec 2011

I feel like Miss Havisham

God, it’s awful. These post-Christmas days. Which are very firmly NOT euphoric. But full of duties such as thank you letters, clearing up industrial quantities of wrapping paper and moulded plastic, and the odd regifting of the unwanted present. Oh, and dealing with broken flying Hamster.

Any ideas? To cap it all, there’s the horrendous duty of the daily Kumon pamphlet. No, there is no day off from Kumon. We all HATE it.

And in insisting that my daughter does it I feel, frankly, like Miss Havisham. The original Helicopter Mother. And mad with it. You know, taking a child and moulding it into some monstrous ideal. And no, I am no way as gorgeous as her current representatives on earth, namely either Gillian Anderson or Helena Bonham Carter, both of whom (I suspect) have home lives untrammelled by children weeping over Kumon boxes.

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