13 Jan 2012

Happy children

So, I was asked on Five Live Breakfast yesterday how to ensure your children are happy.
Should they be happy ALL THE TIME, firstly? Well, probably not, was my answer. I mean obviously you want your children to be happy; their happiness is crucial. But children have to experience the other side of the coin, sometimes, and learn how to cope with it. I said I thought the vital thing was to be close enough to your children in order to gauge what’s going on, so you can help them deal with anxieties they may have. Walking to school, for example. When we walk to school quite a lot of things come out.

This picture is of my youngest two on Hampstead Heath. They found this log and are carrying it out of choice. Why? I have NO IDEA. And they walked it up and down Parliament Hill, which is no small task. Must be all that walking to school which makes them so fit. And carrying it made them very very happy.

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