23 Jan 2012

Smart thinking is the future

Alright, so I have been invited over to BBC London this morning, to review the papers on the Breakast Show with the lovely Gaby Roslin and Paul Ross, (who, among other witticisms, made an hilarious joke about Henry James and Sid James).
They are really good, those two.

Anyway, after the review, I get up to go and Gaby says “my goodness is that a Hermes Kelly bag”, referring to the bag you see here. I’m amazed! I don’t think so…I say…. I’m very fond of it and my lovely husband bought it for me but it came from Hobbs’ sale, and only cost about £50 whereas I suspect the equally classy Kelly bag costs about £500…anyway I get home and of course I then inspect proper Kelly bags online and yep, they are EXACTLY the same…more or less. I mean so similar that you could really think they are ….well anyway, clever old Gaby.

So I leave BBC London feeling very smart. Usually I run in (it’s quite near where I live) to review the papers – so Gaby has never seen me with a bag or indeed proper clothes on. However today I was off to the new Delaunay restaurant for the breakfast launch of HiBrow, an unashamedly intellectual and smart cultural web site which has been founded by filmmaker Don Boyd. The site: www.hibrow.tv is rather aptly named. It currently includes pieces with the Liverpool Philharmonic, the Traverse Theatre, World Book Day, the Burkino Faso Film Festival and so on. The 20 minute clip Don showed us was funny, moving and informative. I think the site is going to be a huge success, particularly for those who can’t get to see everything they’d like to. Frankly, I think smart is the future in these austere and troubled times. For both bags and internet fodder.

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