23 Mar 2012

Why the school timetable is our timetable

Heard from an old friend of mine the other day. She seems really happy, has a prestigious job, is partnered, lives in Manchester. No kids (her words). No kids, and she’s on holiday this week in Russia.

Whereas I feel like I may have left school but I haven’t LEFT it in any way meaningful. The school timetable is my timetable. I play by its rules. It provides holiday time, work time, entertainment (those school concerts), education (those projects), friends (that school gate), tellings off (lateness). No wonder parents feel bereft when the last child takes A Levels.

Here is Gabriel on the first day of the new King’s Cross. “Stop!” I said as we were running for the train to Potter’s Bar (where he’s at school,the wonderful Dame Alice Owen’s). He stopped, and turned, right under this giant ray of sunshine. He missed the train, of course. But he caught the sun.

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