4 Apr 2012

Just who is the Easter Bonnet parade for?

Not the people in the Bonnets, that’s for sure. My children used to come out shyly wearing their little hats lovingly made by moi at the school Easter Bonnet Parade and I would beam with pride.
Now they still come out in their hats, but run past me as if this is just another damn rite of passage only treasured and valued by their idiotic parent. Lucien went past so quickly it was a marvel I even captured him on camera while Honey, here in my actual wedding hat is so obviously smiling with a “we all know why we are doing this caper” grimace that it makes me feel about 2 foot high. Of course I wouldn’t have missed it for the world etc etc but it made me wonder just how many important milestones at Primary schools are there for the parents’ sake alone.

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