15 Apr 2012

Peer pressure

After – ooh – about three years of trying, Lucien today rode his bike without stabilizers/parent hanging on the back. Properly. This is the bike he did it on, which was given to him by his lovely godmother Laura.
And I have been pretty rubbish about remembering to get him going on it. Frankly the hanging onto the saddle and running alongside a nervous child on a bike gig is not my idea of enjoyable physical exercise. Anyway today we reached the goal.

He rode it several times for about four minutes at a time, too, before falling off/crashing into a bush. It’s a rite of passage, a milestone, all those things. Learning how to ride a bike. He’s really proud, too – he’s old enough to know how vital a skill it is. Although what really spurred him on was not my exhortations or praise, but the fact that the 4-year old next door could do it. Discuss.

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