12 Jul 2012

School Trip #2 – us and Billy Idol

Popular place, Berlin. For school concerts. Only it appears it is also a popular place for ageing punk rockers and their devoted following…
having booked the Zitadelle in Spandau (site of the legendary prison, inspiration for equally legendary 80′s glam band fronted by Tony Hadley)…the St Marylebone Symphony Orchestra were in direct conflict with Billy Idol and his 15,000 fans.

Who arrived at the same time as the timpani, the cellos, the violins and the gals from the central London school. Plus me and my parents. My parents, aged 82 and 80, managed to get to the tiny out door arena. The Orchestra, not. It seems the fans – with peroxided hair, leather jackets and snarls – were simply too numinous to allow the coach to park.
The head of Music spoke to everyone. “We have had to cancel the concert. Because of the Billy Idol fans. Does anyone know of a spare bandstand?”

At 8pm on a rapidly-darkening Wednesday night? In Berlin?

Oh well. We HAD seen the School Orchestra play the night before. And it will all go down in folklore. We left the Zitadelle to the strains of “White Wedding”. I showed my parents a picture of the Idol. “Ghastly looking man” said my father.

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