7 Aug 2012

Teaching the kids to bet on the horses

So, while we’ve rented out our house during the Olympics, so a group of Chinese ad execs can enjoy sport at its highest level, we’ve had to be creative about our holidays.

It’s been no problem however especially the first week where we were in Galway. “Come and stay” said our dear friends K and M. “The Galway Races are on!” The Galway Races are a big deal. Everyone turns out. Women in tottering heels. Chaps in smart suits. There was even a Bridal Race before everything kicked off, one furlong to be run in full dress and veil regalia. Marvellous. Everyone drinking Guinness.

My children had never been to the races before. Had no idea what an accumulator bet was. Didn’t understand Each Way bets. They soon picked up the idea however. I put £10 each way on Gaelic Scots in the second race – at 18:1. Much to my amazement, the horse stormed in fourth, which position paid out…£52 to moi.

The children started REALLY enjoying themselves, slinging £5 here and £10 there. They started winning. “This is great!” said Honey (pictured). “Can we come again?”

Sadly, we were off to Cornwall the next day..

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