13 Sept 2012

Parental Control

Yes, my 12 year old son is delightful. Yes, he spends a LOT of time on his computer.

Such as playing games, and looking up things on YouTube like Humza’s ‘Diary of a Bad Man’, and learning it. Yes, its amusing. Yes, it probably stops him reading and playing outside and doing other stuff. Like, er, homework.

I must confess to having a bit of a ‘red mist’ moment about this the other day. Which is when I discovered Parental Control. Inspired by the likes of Zadie Smith, who used a similar version to stop herself being tempted by Twitter when she wanted to get a grip and write her next novel, I found that you can indeed limit the amount of time you can log on.

So now my son only has access to his computer for 2 hours a day. In which time he has to do his homework, and then he can pretend to be Humza.

Once he’s got his school work in order, then I’ll take it off. I may be a Helicopter but I’m not an INHUMAN one (if that makes sense)

But at the moment, it’s on. Actually, he seems to have taken it quite well.

The hours are between 5-7pm. Which was a bit of a problem this morning when he wanted to access his Geography Homework before school. Whoops.

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