9 Oct 2012

The Hoff and the Junior Millards

Yay!! Want to do the Virgin Active London Triathlon?

What, after the Olympics? After all that fantastic sporting achievement? How can I possibly get coverage?

Well, why don’t you follow our A LIST CELEBRITY RELAY TEAM, says the man from Virgin. We’ve got Richard Branson running, Kate Silverton swimming and DAVID HASSELHOFF cycling.

The Hoff? Say no more. I’m going to swim, run, cycle my heart out. Who can resist a chance to meet the Hoff! Not only me, but the Junior Millards are very very excited about this Hoffertunity too. Amazingly this star of an Eighties show is very big in with the under12s.

“Were you in X Factor, or Britain’s Got Talent?” asked one of my children, slightly tactlessly. Doesn’t matter. They know him and they love him. Furthermore, the Hoff is one of those celebs (a bit like Bozza) who knows people just smile when they see him. Fortunately (like Bozza) he loves the whole joke.

My older daughter was at home (in bed, lying in) when this photo was taken. She was so FED UP to have missed it. Seeing her mother compete? Er, no. She was gutted to miss the chance to be alongside the Baywatch icon.

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