9 Oct 2012

...and then it all went Pete Tong

…so there I am, beautifully made bolognaise created yesterday, in between writing something and interviewing someone else, oh yes,
and home made bread AND someone’s homework completed…and today, I made two lasagne.

One for tonight, one for the freezer. Because I am a mother who THINKS AHEAD to nights when I can just rustle a lovely home made lasagne up. With zero work. Oh, how smug is the smugness of the organised mother.

Only can I just say, Mr Siemens, your beeper on your oven is absolutely rubbish? Something to write, a long long phone call and I finally remembered about the lasagne only when I could smell it burning far far below in the kitchen. Opening the oven door was a painful operation.

Actually, the underside looks ok. Saved from TOTAL immolation by the top layer of lasagne. I’d eat it. Probably. My parents would definitely eat it. Brought up in the War, you know. Will my children? Like hell they will.

“This isn’t like Carluccio’s, Mummy.” Spoilt brats.

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