25 Mar 2014

Hurrah for the Pushy - or should that be Supportive - Parent

I think he's enjoying himself in here...

I'm currently recording all sorts of interviews for my new R4 documentary In Defence of Pushy Parents. Only nobody wants to be cast in the same terms as this title. Or not many people.
I've met all sorts of parents, some VERY pushy indeed - from chess moms who drive their children all over Europe for championships, to swim dads who do the same to galas for their daughters, parents who hire tutors, violin teachers, ballet dames, and the rest, in order to school their children properly. It's our duty! they chorus. Only nobody wants to be seen as pushy. Too pejorative a description. Apart from me, that is. Writer and presenter of the documentary.
I don't mind because I am confident that my children WANT to be pushed. If they absolutely hated the things I have arranged for them to do - swimming, a bit of music, a bit of languages, team sports and so on, then I wouldn't push them. I don't want to pay £60 for a 2 hour Mandarin lesson if the child isn't really keen on Mandarin! I really don't! I could use the cash to have a decent haircut. Or supper out with my husband. But the child really really wants to learn Mandarin. What's the problem?
Anyway this will all be discussed by me and my 'supportive' parents this May, Radio 4. Tune in.

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