7 May 2014

No more lost beauty stuff at Airport Security!!

On our Trunkies...packed full of Clarins Beauty Flash and Chanel No 5 !!

Deep, untrammelled joy at the news that some UK airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick, have invested in new scanners which can tell the difference between suntan lotion, and bomb-making fluid, and thus means a lifting of the ludicrous 100ml cap on all pastes and liquids taken onto planes.

Oh, the things I have lost through the years via this stricture. A brand new bottle of Ogario Hydrate and Shine Shampoo. A jar of Protect and Perfect Day Cream. Countless  bottles of Ambre Solaire, all whisked away by beady-eyed officials into a Resale, sorry, rubbish bag. Do I think that customs officials reflogged all our Beauty Flash, Oil of Ulay, Coco de Mer, Chanel No5, Marc Jacobs Daisy and the rest? Are you kidding? Heathrow currently confiscates up to 2000 tonnes of liquid a year. Don’t tell me they are just pouring it down the sink. Or if they are, they are idiots. Anyway, now we can prance right through Security and to Duty Free, (where vats of liquids are sold, willy nilly),  without that deeply tiresome plastic-bag-decanting-of-liquid-ritual which had developed into an absolute farce, with some airports charging £1 per bag, and bewildered elderly ladies (my mother) saying “Is this a liquid, darling?” and waving their Max Factor lipstick at the nearest person they could spot. Ah well. We’ll probably miss it, once the summer’s over.  


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